Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple App Ideas? Lets talk about DIVERSIFICATION

First and foremost, I hope that everyone had a good Fourth of July weekend.

While Python programming will continue to stay under the scope of this blog, I am going to start incorporating some Objective-C applications into the discussions as well. Essentially, I am going to start discussing different Application ideas that would be valuable to those interested in trading securities.

Today, the app idea that I am going to discuss is in regards to Portfolio Diversification.

I am going to step out on a limb here and assume that if you are a frequenter of this blog, then you already are familiar with the term Diversification. However, this blog is not in the business of discriminating against people who are interested in learning about the topic of trading and programming but have experience in neither. So, here is a definition of Diversification.

If one thing is certain about successful iOS apps, it is that you need a "gimmicky" title that is easy to remember (and therefore spread by word of mouth). For now, though, we will stick with the title, "Diversified??".

The purpose of the app would be to allow users to input the percentage of their portfolio dedicated to different securities, commodities, ETFs, bonds, cash, etc... And then based on a certain algorithm, determine a "level" of diversification that the user's portfolio achieves. This could then be used as a forward looking tool to determine whether an investment decision "lowers or raises your diversification level."

If I receive positive feedback on this app idea, then the next post will be dedicated to establishing an "algorithm" that would output an accurate "diversification level." Please comment with your thoughts on the usefulness of an app such as this or send me an email.


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