Monday, June 20, 2011

Whats next for BlackBerry (RIMM) ??

Things could not look more grim for BlackBerry right now....They are losing market-share at an alarming rate, and they have not produced a phone or OS with any sort of WOW factor as of late. Management is a laughing stock in the sense that they have two CEO's (Seriously guys?), what else could go wrong? That depends on what is next....

What is next? I will give my opinions on the subject, then open it for comments from abroad.

Without any major innovations apparent on the horizon, RIMM 's price will continue to get hammered by traders and institutional investors alike. Why? On top of the aforementioned market share decline issue, they no longer have any sort of competitive advantage over AAPL or GOOG in the smart phone OS industry. Their once claim to fame was the Enterprise system exclusivity which is now a thing of the past. So, while RIMM's price continues to decline what could happen?

1. Will they be forced to buy-back their shares and pull themselves off the market?

2. Will they be purchased by a private-equity firm or even someone like MSFT ??

3. Will they innovate and surprise us with a new and exciting product (on their own...)?

My current vote goes to... 2. I believe that Microsoft will buy BlackBerry and finally put their hat in the smart phone arena (for real this time)!

Lets hear what you have to say!


  1. The next question would be a corollary to choice 3, if MSFT does buy RIMM, will MSFT be able to produce enough innovation to save them...

  2. Given MSFT's current track record, that is a tough question to answer. I think most importantly, it would give Microsoft instant access to the smart phone market. I feel like it would be a good platform for them to also enter the "developer" world. RIMM is known for lacking in apps, maybe Microsoft could use the already large customer base of RIMM to start developing its own app marketplace?